Portfolio of some of the services we provide:

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    PLI Systems can install either temporary or permanent shoring quickly and with minimum disturbance to the site.

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    Pile Driving

    We have the capability of driving H-Piles, pipe piles, sheet piles and more, vertically, horizontally and at any angle.

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    Geotechnical Investigations

    We offer a very broad range of Geotechnical Investigation services, especially at sites with difficult access.

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    Difficult Access

    Whether it is very tight access or extreme slopes, we have the equipment and experience to go where others dare not.

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    Landslide Remediation

    From hillside stabilization to landslide remediation we offer a variety of solutions and can quickly respond to any emergency situation.

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    Helical Anchors

    Used for underpinning foundations for commercial and residential structures, foundation repair,and as tie-back anchors in retaining walls.

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    Drilled Shafts

    Sometimes called Drilled Piers, Drilled Piles or Caissons are typically high-capacity cast-in-place deep foundation elements constructed using an auger.

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    Stabilizing existing foundations using a combination of micro-piles and brackets. Can aso be used to lift structures that have settlement issues.

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    We have several certified shotcrete nozzlemen applying shotcrete for both structural and architectural purposes. Our shotcrete experts have carved many shotcrete walls to look like natural rock formations.

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    Micro Piles

    Also known as minipiles, & pin piles, are deep foundation elements constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bar.

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    Soil Nails

    Soil nailing is an earth retention technique using grouted tension-resisting steel elements (nails) that can be design for permanent or temporary support.

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    Light-Weight Fills

    Foam & Cellular Concrete are used to reduce the lateral earth pressures on retaining walls thereby saving construction costs and simplifying installation.

About Company

We are a MBE certified contractor with over 30 years experience solving difficult soil and foundation stabilization issues.


Work Area

We are licenesd in Oregon and Washington. Our home base is the Portland Metropolitan area but we have worked throughout both states.

We do a lot of work along the Oregon coast from Astoria to Brookings.

We are also licensed in California, Michigan and Idaho.

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